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The Royal VA Academy

This should not come by surprise; you are in the right place at the right time. What does it take to be a Virtual Assistant? Well, for the most part, guts and commitment. You have both! But let's not forget consistency and knowledge.

This Virtual Assistant program is unlike any other. You WILL get what you came for, and you WILL want to share it with others. First, repeat after me, I will finish what I started. Dedicate that promise to yourself.

Now, what are you waiting for?! It's time to kick some real butt and start your Virtual Assistant journey!

What Does the Royal VA Academy Offer?

Valuable Content

Build credibility, get clients and make money!

Affordable Courses

All it takes is for you to commit to doing the work!


Gain knowledge, understanding together!

What Are The Benefits?

As a Virtual Assistant you need the right tools and guidance, to be able to deliver exact and detailed tasks to your clients, all the time and on time. You need to invest time in gaining qualifications and certifications, and in learning new skills.

That's why this the Royal VA Academy is perfect for you! Or else you can end up sitting behind your computer pretending to work for hours even though you are not. Being able to succeed in such a role requires having proper tools.

I'm on a BUGDET! I Got YOU!

Remember I'm NOT here to bait or chase you! I am here to enhance your knowledge, fuel your hope, and help grant you access to true success.


Spend more time excelling and a plan of action to provide something of real, impartial relevance and value to others.

Payment Plans Available!

Seriously, What's The Catch?!

The catch is....

You're wasting time overthinking an EASY DESISION!

The Royal VA Academy is made for you to figure it out on the way. The answers lie ahead of you.

Virtual Assistants succeed because they take chances. They make the RIGHT CHOICE and they don't give up.

This is the start to your new beginning.

You made it all the way here....

What's really stopping you but YOU!

Keep In Touch. Regardless.

Not ready yet. I get it. Maybe you need some time, like white wine. Until then, keep in touch!

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